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Open Letter to Governor Sununu on Reproductive Freedom Legislation

December 27, 2019

Re: Pledge to Veto Restrictions on Reproductive Health Care

Dear Governor Sununu,

In this upcoming legislative session, there are four bills that would either ban or restrict access to safe, legal abortion. On a number of occasions, including recently, you have issued veto threats even before public hearings on legislation.

Indeed, you even held a “Veto Rally” last March, before any piece of legislation reached your desk, and you ended up vetoing 42 pieces of bipartisan legislation — from job training to addiction treatment to a bipartisan redistricting commission — ending with 57 vetoes overall, nearly quadrupling the prior single-year record. I write to you today to ask that you issue veto threats on the four bills that either ban or restrict access to reproductive health care for women:

  • HB 1475: would effective ban abortions before most women know they are pregnant.
  • HB 1640: would remove the constitutionally necessary judicial bypass option for minors concerned for their safety.
  • HB 1675: would codify a politically motivated & false narrative around “infanticide” — under current state law harm to anyone, including a newborn, is already illegal.
  • HB 1678: would ban abortion in “certain cases”, creating a slippery slope of the government intrusion into what is and is not acceptable, interfering the relationship between women and their health care professionals.

From time to time you say you are “pro-choice”, but your actions and your record have been the complete opposite. As a member of the Executive Council, you opposed funding for Planned Parenthood. As Governor, you vetoed a budget that funded reproductive health care services the Trump administration stripped away from New Hampshire under the Title X “gag rule”, putting at-risk vital health care services for over three months. You then proposed a budget compromise that failed to fully fund these services. Finally, you have supported the nominations of anti-choice justices and judges at both the state and federal levels.

I ask that you pledge to veto all four pieces of legislation. We should be expanding access to reproductive health care and protecting these fundamental rights — not moving backwards. This anti-choice legislative package is not the New Hampshire way. Please denounce these four bills as extreme attacks on reproductive freedom here in New Hampshire.


Senator Dan Feltes

Senate Majority Leader

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